America is the only continent that is known as the New World. It has two parts. One is North America and the other is South America. It is one of largest continents in the western hemisphere. This continent is covering 28.4% of the total earth surface. In the west side of the continent, there are many chains of mountains. There are large river basins on the eastern part of the continent. America is one of the leading Continents in this present era in view of international influence and military force. This continent has reached the peak of the civilization in many ways.


The first inhabitants of America migrated from Asia. It was about 20,000 years ago. They took place in the Alaska and the Yukon. The second migration was followed later from Asia also. They had been called Na-Dene speakers. Actually, America was invented by Christopher Columbus during 1492 to 1502. After that, these people spread out into the whole America day by day.

Various types of languages are spoken in America. Some of the languages found their origins in Europe. The other languages are spoken by the native people. The main dominant language of America is Spanish. The main dominant language of Anglo-America is English. Though English is spoken all over the world, it is called the international language. English for its own worth has earned the name of lingua Franca. It is also the main language of Louisiana. Again, there are many non-native languages. These languages are different from national languages.

The total land area of America is about 42549000 km square. The population is about 953.7 million. There are total 25 countries in the American continent. The people of the America use many languages for expressing their thoughts. There are many largest cities in the America.

The main religion of America is Christian. About 85% people are Christian here. There are another 15% people who are Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists etc.

America has become a dominating Continent in the present time. It is ruling the world with its authoritative power. It is also called the United States.

The economic condition of America is robust compared to most of the countries of the world. The North America is far better than the South one. Literacy rate is higher in the Northern part. There are many natural resources in both North and South America, but the Southern part is richer, but they cannot utilize these resources properly because of having many problems regarding social and political reasons.


The climate of America varies from place to place. It may also vary from region to region. Tropical rainforest climate prevails in the autonomy of the Amazon. The Rocky Mountains, American Cloud Forests. In Florida and Darien Gap, you can also find this type of climate. Tornadoes and Hurricanes occur frequently in the Southeastern North America.

America is surrounded by many river basins. These river basins drain the continent. The largest river basin is situated in the North America. It is known as Mississippi. It is the second largest watershed on the planet. This river system drains about 32 states of the U.S.


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